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Wildland Fire Hazardous Fuels Grant Program Outline (WFHF)

Thanks for your interest in participating in the WFHF program. The Ranch at Prescott HOA Firewise Committee and your neighbors appreciate your efforts in reducing our community’s wildfire risk. A brief outline of the program is summarized below.


SPONSORS: The WFHF program is funded by the US Forest Service and the US Bureau of Land Management, and is administered by the Arizona State Forestry Department.  The Ranch at Prescott’s participation in the program is coordinated through the Prescott Area Wildland Urban Interface Commission (PAWUIC).


PURPOSE: The specific goal of the WFHF program as stated by the Arizona State Forestry Department is to “reduce hazardous fuels to protect Arizona communities.”  Qualifying projects include creating defensible space around existing homes and structures, reducing fuels beyond defensible space, and developing fuel breaks.


FUNDING AMOUNTS: The program consists of three separate grants.  Each grant provides funds on a cost-shared basis for qualified work done on a 90% grant/10% landowner sharing basis subject to a cap.


  1. The first grant is for work completed before October 31, 2016 and is capped at $1,092 total cost per acre.  For example, a property owner treating 0.75 acre and obtaining a low bid of $2,000 to “Firewise” his/her property from an independent contractor would be eligible for total grant reimbursement of $737 ($1,092/acre maximum X 90% match X 0.75 acre).  The property owner would be responsible for the remaining $1,263 ($2,000 total - $737 grant reimbursement).
  2. The second grant covers work completed before October 31, 2017 and has a cap of $1,200 total cost per acre.  In the same example as above, for 0.75 acre with a $2,000 total contractor quote the eligible grant reimbursement would be $810 ($1,200/acre maximum X 90% match X 0.75 acre) and the property owner would be responsible for the remaining $1,190 ($2,000 - $810).
  3. The third grant is currently in proposal stage and has not yet been approved.  If approved, it will cover work completed before October 31, 2018 and the grant sharing, cap, and amounts will be the same as for the second grant.



PROCESS: As a government grant program, participants will need to strictly adhere to the program requirements.  The process is as follows:


  1. Conduct no work until your inclusion in the program is approved.
  2. Contact Ann Zdanowski at HOAMCO (email, phone 928.776.4479 ext. 1135) with your interest in the program.  Be prepared to provide your property ownership information and lost size in acres.  Your inclusion will be determined by date of response and consistency with the program’s goals.
  3. Receive written (email) confirmation that your property has been approved for inclusion in the program.
  4. Before performing any work obtain a pre-work written assessment of your property from a certified Firewise assessor defining the work necessary, complete with photographs.  Names and contact information for certified assessors can be obtained from PAWUIC or The Ranch at Prescott Firewise Committee (contact information below).
  5. Obtain at least 2 bids (preferably 3) from qualified independent Firewise contractors to conduct the required work.
  6. Conduct and complete the work.
  7. Obtain a post-work written assessment from a certified Firewise assessor to confirm the necessary work was completed, including photographs.
  8. Pay fully for the work.
  9. Complete the program administrative forms and submit them, along with pre-work and post-work assessments, photographs, documentation of invoice and payment, and other supporting documents to PAWUIC for reimbursement.
  10. Upon final governmental approval, reimbursement for the grant amount can be expected 90-120 days from submittal.


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